Childrens Village Preschool at Fishers Landing in Camas Vancouver Washington

Tree Hill Preschool Program

The Maples and The Evergreens classes make up our preschool program. These
classes have similar daily schedules and build upon each other. We look to developmental
readiness and individual personalities and learning needs to determine class placement.

The Maples are divided into two classes. Children generally move into Maples 1 as they near their third birthday and once they are using the toilet fairly independently. Children transition to Maples 2 closer to their fourth birthday.  

The Evergreens is our Pre-Kindergarten class. Most children in the Evergreens class will be going to Kindergarten the following year.

Preschool Curriculum

Here at Tree Hill Learning Center we create our own original preschool curriculum. Our goal is to implement a program which provides ample opportunities for meaningful and comprehensive learning. We look to the children's interests, our understanding of educational theory and individual developmental needs to guide us as we make our curriculum plans each month. The result is a relevant and dynamic program tailored to each unique group of children.

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